Score Tracking

R2B Scores's Score Tracker is a month-after-month report that provides you with valuable insight into your credit score over the lifetime of your membership.

Based on four credit determining factors, Score Tracker allows you to visually see how your credit score changes over time by plotting it on an intuitive graph. It also communicates the factors that caused shifts in your score, so you can understand what action to take, if necessary.

Score Tracking

R2B Scores's Score Tracker also enables you to be more aware of factors in credit behavior that affect a credit score over time, like taking out a student loan. Look no further for an easy-to-use tool to help you monitor your credit score regularly and derive trends that can help you make decisions that are the best for your credit health.

Monitoring + Alerts

R2B Scores monitors bureau activity and alerts you to any reported changes on your credit report.